A Place to Bee
A third of the world’s crops depend on bees—including berries. Now the bees are disappearing. Help save the bees by creating a bee habitat right in your yard with seeds from Wyman’s of Maine and you could win one year’s worth of Wyman’s products! Official Rules
Every Wyman’s berry is the direct result of the delicate process only a honeybee is capable of: pollination. That’s why Wyman’s is so passionate about taking steps to protect honeybees. From funding research to understanding the honeybee crisis to enlisting thousands of Wyman’s fans to create a new honeybee habitat with wildflower seeds, we’re just doing our part to keep these important pollinators happy.
A Place to Bee
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Thank you for your interest in saving the honeybees. Due to high demand, we have already given out over a million seeds that will help create a habitat for pollinators and are temporarily out of seeds. Enter your information below to be among the first to learn about future Wyman’s honeybee initiatives.

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A Place to Bee
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